Hailing from Fairfield, California but originally from all over, Puppet Radio is a progressive alternative rock band committed to writing, playing, and performing the best music their collective minds can create. Comprised of five members: AhSa-Ti Nu (lead vocals), Anuj Arora (guitars/keyboard), David Bosse (guitars), Bennie Murray (drums/percussion), and Carson Rogers (bass), the band’s final lineup was formed in the winter of 2012 with each member bringing something different to the music-making table. A bassist with metal roots, a drummer who loves all groovy things; two guitarists whose influences range from classic and progressive rock, to jazz and virtuoso music; and a vocalist who grew up singing gospel and jazz with a secret soft spot for rock. These elements make for progressive alternative music with a twist.

Puppet Radio aims to connect with their audience through a celebratory serious sound. Indie-Music.com described the band as an act that “makes deadly serious music, meant to move you emotionally.” This can be accurate as demonstrated by the Gandhi-inspired, straightforward rock anthem Be the Change, or by Clarity in which lead singer AhSa-Ti Nu belts out “this is my house” after searching for “constant clarity” over militantly aggressive instrumentals. Yet there is a lighter side that can be heard in superhero-motivated 789, which has a lively, jump-around kind of rhythm. While their music speaks with heavy guitar riffs and soulful lyrics, its cadence is balanced out with fun grooves that make you want to move.

Their full length album, 7 8 9 is expected to be released January 2014 . Current projects include working with musician, producer and videographer Martin Manaoat on music videos, artwork, and promoting their music through the radio, internet, and live shows. You can hear their new single “I’ll Wait”, on Jango Radio, PuppetRadio.com, Facebook, or ReverbNation.

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